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Invisalign® – Arlington, TX

See a Straighter Smile Without the Metal

Invisalign® in Arlington

At Foundation Dental Solutions, Dr. Baldwin and his team offer Invisalign clear aligners to patients who prefer an alternative orthodontic solution that doesn’t require metal brackets and wires. Made of clear plastic, these customized trays gently apply pressure to your teeth, shifting them in the right direction. Within a matter of 12-24 months, you can expect to see dramatic results that are long-lasting and life-changing. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Baldwin.

Why Choose Foundation Dental Solutions for Invisalign®?

  • Flexible Financing Available
  • Dentist with Decades of Experience
  • State-of-the-Art Dental Technology Used

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Invisalign® clear aligners in Arlington Invisalign clear aligners are crafted by lab technicians who custom-create your trays based on the specifications provided by Dr. Baldwin. Using SmartTrack material, they are designed to be comfortable when worn and easier to put on and remove throughout the day.

By applying an appropriate amount of pressure to your teeth, the trays help your teeth to shift over time. Every 1-2 weeks, you will be required to swap out your current set of aligners for the next set in the series, allowing your teeth to continue moving in the right direction until treatment is complete.

Indications for Invisalign®

Patient holding an Invisalign® aligner in Arlington  If you are unsure if you qualify for Invisalign, take the time to schedule a consultation with Dr. Baldwin. It is during this visit that he will examine your smile in its entirety and determine if your situation is treatable with Invisalign. Some cases (i.e., severe bite alignment, rotated teeth) cannot be treated with clear aligners and will only achieve the desired smile using traditional orthodontics; however, if you have minor overcrowding, spaces between your teeth, or a slight bite alignment issue, it is possible that Invisalign might be right for you.

Crowded Teeth

Teeth that sit too close together can cause tooth decay and cavities to form because of the inability to properly clean them. However, with Invisalign, your teeth can move to create necessary space, allowing you to brush and floss correctly, minimizing your chances of decay and gum disease.

Gaps Between Teeth

When teeth appear to be too far apart, bacteria and food debris can become trapped. As a result, the same oral health problems can occur. With Invisalign, the clear aligners can move teeth closer together, allowing for adequate space but appropriate closure, ensuring that your smile remains in proper alignment and without unappealing gaps.

Bite Alignment

Overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites can cause chronic jaw pain and worn-down tooth enamel. Without treatment, symptoms can worsen. But with Invisalign, your teeth can shift into proper alignment, allowing your bite to function normally.

The Benefits of Invisalign®

Woman after Invisalign® in Arlington   Unlike traditional braces that can irritate, require you to see your dentist every few weeks for an adjustment, and lengthen your treatment time, Invisalign offers a wide range of benefits, making it extremely popular among busy adults. Some of the benefits you can expect include:

  • Enhanced aesthetics in less time
  • Boosted confidence
  • Less irritation because no metal brackets or wires are rubbing against your soft tissues
  • Greater flexibility because you can take out your trays to eat, drink, and clean them
  • An easy-to-clean solution that requires only a soft-bristled toothbrush, clear soap, and lukewarm water.
  • Fewer visits to the dentist’s office
  • Dental visits that take only minutes, allowing Dr. Baldwin to quickly review your progress and make any necessary changes along the way
  • Improved oral health because of the aligners’ ability to shift teeth and realign your bite

Understanding the Cost of Invisalign®

Woman inserting Invisalign® in Arlington    When it comes to determining the cost of Invisalign, your cosmetic dentist will go over the details associated with your treatment plan during your initial consultation. Based on our findings, we will determine how much you can expect to pay. No two cases are the same, so you cannot expect to pay the same as someone else. Also, many dental insurance companies will offer coverage for Invisalign, so you can expect our team to help maximize your benefits and lower your out-of-pocket costs.